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07 March 2009 @ 09:24 pm
The Karamazov Legacy (Rebellion: 2.1)  
The Founder Challenge (3) at legacy_writers; lovely founder by katu.

So LAST TIME with the Karamazovs, Grushenka and Dmitri (Bellerophon) got along...famously, actually, and had crazy fun before and after their quick/cheap/passionate/ect. wedding. Grusha then lost her job courtesy of me and was not too pleased--of course, that may have been the pregnancy hormones talking, because near the end of the update Grusha was most definitely pregnant. Oh and the Karamazovs encountered a burglar so ugly....so ugly he was scary. *_*


Yeah, we were here. Notice the scary looking (literally) burglar in the upper right hand corner of this screenshot. Also notice Mitya in the opposite corner, cause he looks dumbfounded to the point of immobility.

.....does my game SUCK at training its policemen/women or what?!?!

Maybe the burglar's hideous face scared her so much that she lost all control of her limbs or something?

-covers eyes and runs away screaming-

Thank goodness he didn't actually steal anything, though!

Yeah, mmmnn, what exactly is wrong with this picture now? Maybe the fact that Grusha isn't freaking out for once in her life and is actually CALM despite the circumstances?

Grusha: I'm going back to my beach now. Leave me alone.
amethystnoema: .....

And there's a birth...in the bathroom, like with most pregnant sims! (Because their bladders are being stepped on by their lovely baby/babies when they're pregnant and thus are pretty much in the bathroom for 75% of  the pregnancy.)

Errr....lovely place to put your child, Grusha?

NO NO NO NO NO.......GRUSHA!!!!!!

Grusha: Tehee, it's just a baby, silly.
amethystnoema: -grumbles something about having twins already in the second generation of the legacy and how much she hates sim toddlers, much less twin sim toddlers-

Grusha, well, I doubt waking up your husband to show him one of the twins is going to be the best idea when he's gonna have to take care of twins for the next few horrid days of his sim life.....


................Grusha, you need to get your eggs checked as soon as possible. THREE BABIES AT ONE TIME?!?!?!

Grusha: Don't you worry now; everything's gonna be ~fine~.
amethystnoema: -currently adjusting ACR settings and wondering if the idea to age Grushenka up might not be a bad one-


Guys and gals, we're going to play the WHAT EXACTLY IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE game. Anyone up for a guess?

.........I really hate you for this, Grushenka.

Grusha: Tehee, what's so wrong with a baby?
amethystnoema: It's your FOURTH baby of ONE pregnancy, THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG.

Mitya: I think I need to sit down. Or have a large brandy. Or...or...something.
amethystnoema: SYMPATHY: I has none.

Dmitri: So......what do I do with it now?
Grusha: Put it on the floor with the others?
amethystnoema: Head, meet desk. Desk, meet head.

SYMPATHY: I (still) has none.

Don't you two looked so pleased, though! :D

Oh and I forgot to mention the names/genetics of the babies in all of the "excitement". They are as follows: Katerina (dark skin, black hair), Lise (lighter skin, brown hair), Alyosha (dark skin, black hair), and Ivan (lighter skin, black hair). Female, female, male, male--in case the Russian names get you. XD

Ooh, look at this awesome looking founder! I think she's debc's?

Regardless, this, as you can see, is the current state of life at the Karamazov's. See the green stink cloud? Yeah, he's a permanent resident now.

The second part of the "nursery". Notice Mr. Green Stink Cloud near....Alyosha, I think.

Somehow Grusha manages to get her life together enough to get a promotion. How? I have no idea.

Case and point of the fact that appearances can be decieving: the life of Dmitri and Grusha was NEVER truly this calm after the quads were born. Despite the fact that it looks like just that. ;p

Hi founder of beachwee ! Who/what are you waving at?

....the empty cab. I see.........-inches away slowly-

Back to the Karamazovs: yeah, you all missed all the crazy times these two had to even get to this point because I was so occupied with trying to not let Grusha and Dmitri die that I didn't take any screenshots. Sorry! (But there's quite a bit of crazy when they're toddlers, so don't worry!!)

World, meet Katerina. Katerina, meet world.

You look a lot like your daddy, but I won't really be able to tell until you all are children....(However, you are cute, I'll give you that.)

And let the world meet Lise also! And she also has the elf ears! :D (Katerina doesn't, just to let you know. I checked.)

However, Lise's looks are a bit.....different, let's say. Maybe she'll grow into them?

And here's Alyosha, who's absolutely adorable. :D (He doesn't have the elf ears either, though.)

And finally, here's Ivan, who also happens to have the elf ears. (And is pretty cute too. :D)

Hmmm, he looks a lot like his dad, though. Or maybe that's just me?

Alyosha looks similar to Ivan (in facial features) on closer inspection, though he has fuller lips.

And Katerina's truly the cute one, though she also looks similar to her brothers and her dad. (Though this screenshot is very deceiving--Katerina's not so nice in actuality. ;p)

Lise, is by far, however, definitely the devil/chaotic/angry child. Just like in the novel, though, so I can't complain. (Still don't understand what Alyosha sees in her in the novel, but whatever....)


Okay, well, she doesn't really say that in the novel. She does entertain the idea of making fun of everyone (especially Alyosha), however.


That, however, is just like the Katerina for most of the novel. ;p

And Alyosha is, like in the novel, the poor optimistic godly one who everyone abuses. (Err, not physically. Takes advantage of, I mean.) Poor kid. D:

Rebellion? You betcha. I was surprised that none of them tried to break out of their cribs or anything. ;p

amethystnoema: I'm no way responsible for your actions--it was all ACR and you two nutters. I wash my hands of this craziness.

amethystnoema: -glances at her nails and ignores-

Grusha: Why did I ever think this was a good idea? Why? Why? Whyyyyyyyy?

Like I said before--the Karamazovs' lives basically sucked after the quads. It was living hell for them, basically.


amethystnoema: Good luck with that one. I doubt you'll get away before your husband strangles you for leaving him alone with four toddlers.

Grusha: Ahhh, much better. :D
Mitya: Definitely. :D
amethystnoema: Whatever keeps you two from killing yourselves, each other, or one/all of the quads.

And FINALLY it's time for the quads to grow up. FINALLY.

.......And I think I'm going to need to get my hair dyed to cover the gray hairs I accumulated with this generation of the Karamazovs. DX

They all do their little grow-up dance as their parents frolick in the next room....

....and finally grow up into children. -wipes sweat from forehead-

And I can see right away that Lise has grown into her looks, for the most part. :D

And Katerina seems to have......gotten worse in the looks department? Maybe I wasn't looking too closely when she was a toddler, however.

Here's Ivan, elf ears covered and all. He doesn't look too pleased to be a child, either.

And finally, here's Alyosha. He's got nice full lips, but I've dealt with those in almost all of my other legacies and may pass him up for heir if he ends up having quite big ones still as a teen....Other than that fact, he's quite a cute kid. :D

Here's the non-founder new townie that I mentioned two updates ago. Also also: -shakes head at Grushenka's +750pts- Fortune sims.

...and a nannie that may or may not be creepy looking. o_o

But we don't really care about her, so let's get back to the Karamazov kids! Here's Kat, looking WAY too excited to have just gotten home from school. *_*

Kat: Aww, man, I can't be the smartest on the first day?
amethystnoemaNo. Not on the first day especially.

Kat: Whatever. I'll be the best eventually. :P


Lise: .....or maybe not. I WASN'T THE BEST IN MY CLASS. D:
amethystnoema: -sighs-

Hmmm, I'm starting to like Lise's looks now. Still will have to wait until they're all teens to really see, though.

Alyosha: I had fun even though I definitely wasn't the best in my class! Yay!
amethystnoema: ...yay?

Okay, yes, he's cute. If he grows into a teen with not humongous lips I'll think about him as heir. I just don't want to deal with 10 generations of kids with big lips again. D; (Nevermind the fact that I've never gotten past 4 generations in a legacy....)

amethystnoema: -rolls eyes- Just make sure you don't let your views cloud your judgments as you get older, okay? We don't want you going nuts (literally) with the responsibility of helping someone else to murder someone, okay?

Ivan: -is totally innocent still-
amethystnoema: We'll come back to that later, okay?

I swear I saw this in someone else's legacy and the correct answer was "don't go". DON'T KILL ME IF I'M WRONG, THOUGH, GRUSHA, OKAY?

-prepares herself to be cut into a million pieces-

At least you weren't fired, right? Gaming enthusiasm isn't too bad, c'mon! :p

And we're going to end off with Dmitri's co-worker that does happen to be another FC3 founder, though I'm not sure who made him, sorry.

Funny thing with the picture, however: Dmitri and this guy are both in the criminal track. Nice outfits, guys. X] You both must be going for the innocent look, huh?

-el fin-

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amethystnoema: cook//piedra//cryamethystnoema on March 8th, 2009 04:22 pm (UTC)
I didn't even adjust the odds to make it plausible for quads or anything! I think quads were still at 1% for the multiple pregnancy hack or something. *_*

Adorable, but little devils. ;p The next few updates should be interesting...
selzi: shockedselzi on March 8th, 2009 02:52 pm (UTC)
Oh dear, four kids at once - that's what I consider to be the worst case scenario (and this is why I set the probability for quads to zero in my game). You handled the kids pretty well, though - they all came out adorable! <3
amethystnoema: athena//piedra//crazyamethystnoema on March 8th, 2009 04:25 pm (UTC)
I know, right?! I should do that soon too--it's never pretty in reality, regardless of how cute it seems. ;p

Yeah, well, that's because I didn't take enough screenshots of them all whining and yelling and their parents nearly dying multiple times. I was too exhausted to. xD Now that they're children it should be easier because they can fulfill almost all of their needs on their own. I still anticipate craziness, however.
I Am Truley Sorry For Your Lotsprescilla_bean on March 8th, 2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
I think my favorite of the quads are Lisa and Ivan. And holy crap, please tell me that another hack of yours caused the quads because I will freak out in ACR does that to me. EVER.
amethystnoema: athena//piedra//crazyamethystnoema on March 8th, 2009 04:27 pm (UTC)
You can breathe easy: it's a multiple birth hack that caused the quads. Don't worry, ACR can't make you have quads--though there still is the risky woohoo that I encountered with the Karamazovs. ;P

And I am thinking of removing that multiple birth hack soon because that was just craziness. x]