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17 January 2009 @ 03:45 pm
The Piedra Legacy: gen 2.5 (Part 2)  

Now on to the crazy.

LAST TIME with the Piedras was when I finally downloaded ACR, where general craziness ensured for the generation 2 college Piedras. More (A LOT more) of that crazy is coming your way via this update, as can be seen by the teaser pic. And no, Hades did not dye his hair again. It's still flaming red, definitely not blue. ;P

Another quote from "The Mummy," a movie I just happened to be obsessed with when I was taking/editing these screencaps. Dunno how I found humor in it with this screencap, but whatever. (This is what happens when you take and edit screencaps long before you actually POST them in an update.)

I also love how Hades doesn't care that he's invading his brother's personal space.

Doesn't give a damn, actually. Even though, you know, he has his own spacious room with his own queen-sized bed and all.

And then there's also these two, courtesy of ACR and all.

Athena: So...what do you think of college so far? :D
Makoto: ...srsly?

Y'know, Athena, I think he just might like college. Just a hunch.


Hades: Do you remember all those dormies that mysteriously died when we first entered college? You know, the really ugly ones that no one seemed to like?
Jaqy: ....srsly?

Not that it matters much or anything. As it will become clear later, Jaqy is not so innocent or has as high standards as she appears to have. She likes the whole college experience--you know, not being tied down and all.

This whole dorm has a problem with privacy and boundaries. Honestly.

Why not use the JUST AS GOOD bathroom next door, Red? Huh? Huh? You got a problem with your standard communal showers or something?

.....I must have missed the part where Thanatos' room has the best bathrooms or something. Even though I built all of the rooms exactly the same and all.

I have no idea where these two are, then, seeing as Than's room is currently occupied....

He must have gone crazy from all the scantily-clad people hanging out in his room or something. He had already been out there for hours--in the cold, mind you--when I took this screencap.

This two decided to move things outdoors---because doing it outdoors is SO MUCH more private than in your brothers' dorm room.

Hades does have a romantic side, it seems. Maybe it's a seductive side? I'm not quite sure....

....Than is still out there, blowing his troubles away. And now it seems he's attracted an audience.

Honestly, I can't tell if he's pleased or upset here. Or disgruntled. Or just satisfied.

This is where I decide that letting the sims have too much freedom only ends up leading to their destruction. Or death. But hey, whatever, if that's what they want....

Yeah, it makes SO MUCH SENSE to do ballet when it's 20 below outside. With snow and everything. Hades, you're just the brightest crayon in the box that people can't but help follow your intelligent actions.

.....sigh. I kind of feel bad for him, you know? He must have some problems if he needs this much time to relax. Also, those two must be BFFs or something now after the 6 hour conversation they've been having.

And, after all those hours watching him, they decide to join in.

Because it's SO AWESOME to be out in the cold and using the bubble bong blower. Just a fantastic thing to be doing.

And Hades is still out there as well, albeit alone. I guess the dormie realized she wasn't as hard core as Hades after all.

...the only reason he's off the bass to begin with is because I decided to be merciful and let him survive through his sophomore year of college. Whether or not he chooses to survive is up to him. :P

Captain Oblivious, I dub thee.

....Mr. Dumb, I also dub thee.

.....and Than is still blowing away his troubles, not caring about his needs or anything. And now he's got a creepy stalker to top it all off.

Guess she decided that it would be WAY LESS CREEPY to join him. ;p Than looks like he's ignoring her, anyway.

But seriously. This might be going a tad too far. Plz to not be relaxing to the death, k?

Yeah, I was a merciful person again and made him exit out of that action.

Next thing I know, he's found a fight in the middle of the dorm. One I did NOT initiate, I can tell you. Cripes, I don't even know which two people are fighting!

....looks like Hades won't be needing a professional body guard after all.

Man is she not quite the innocent girl that she looks like. Quite a facade she's been putting up, that Jaqy. xD

Than does not seem remotely surprised that his brother's girlfriend has just gotten into and won a fight. The cook, on the other hand, looks like she's witnessing a mass murdering of dormies or something....


Blue: Whatcha gonna do about it? :P

.....you asked for it.

And she is SERIOUSLY pleased with herself. Watch out everyone, Jaqy is on the rampage!

Other Red Dormie: La, I just love Pride and Prejudice. :D
Blue: *slapslap*
Jaqy: Owww! You just broke my nose! *plots revenge*

....and Blue over here is also emotionally unstable, I see. Guess slapping someone was too much for her. Fist fighting's okay, but slapping is BAD BAD BAD.

On the other hand, I decided that it was time enough that somebody painted the founder portrait. Hades just happened to be the one with the most skills.

And he decided to show his mom's best side in her portrait as well.



Here's the two that have been mostly quiet for this entry. Guess they were off sexing most of the time. Than doesn't look too happy about it, however.

I still have a problem with portraits. (They're just so blurry--and this picture is AFTER I sharpened the portrait a bunch of times...) D: My game is screwed up or something---all the sims are really clear, but the portraits are terrible, despite the high settings my game runs on....

Try, try again, I always say. Hades needs a heir portrait anyway.

Oh, it's just lovely to wake up in the morning to a completely naked and unknown girl. Just peachy.

Though she does have a pretty face template.....

And THIS--this is where things go south.....

Innocent, right?

....not so innocent anymore. :P

Oh ACR, how we love thee. Notice, if you will, the fact that she isn't even FRIENDS with this guy, much less have a crush on him.


......Jaqy, you have NO IDEA what you just did, how much of a relationship you ROYALLY screwed up.


How convenient. ;p

*sigh* Oh, ACR.

I also love how making out with him was the first time she kissed him.

And she took his virginity it seems, as well.

In other news, my pictures are STILL blurry. :||

...errr, matchmaker, what are you doing?

Jaqy: LOL, guess what I just robbed from this one guy? :D

...creepy matchmaker is creepy. o.o

Like Santa Clause, I guess, except for the fact that Santa isn't supposed to be creepy.


-el fin-

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Amandasimrouge on January 17th, 2009 11:04 pm (UTC)
Jaqy really is fierce. She's pretty epic. And Hades is one smooothh operator.
amethystnoema: athena//piedra//crazyamethystnoema on January 18th, 2009 12:31 am (UTC)
Yeah, I pretty much love her--even her slutty ways sometimes. xD

They're SUCH a funny couple--it should be interesting to see how gen 3 goes. 8D
Empy: Juggleempyrealmaiden on January 18th, 2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
You're back! =D Lol, I actually only read the Yagami legacy but once I saw this update I just knew I had to reply. It's great to see you updating your legacies again! I was afraid they'd join the 73895257493 others that are left unfinished ;_;

Hope you're having a good senior year ^_^ <333

(I also hope you remember me and I don't sound too stalker/creeper-ish) xDDD
Empy: Luna <33empyrealmaiden on January 18th, 2009 11:34 pm (UTC)
Re: EEK!
Oh and I only mean that I had gotten around to only reading the Yagami legacy when I said it was the only one I'd read from you xDD The Piedras seem really col, too so I'm going to go back and read them from the beginning when I have time <3
amethystnoema: athena//piedra//whyyesamethystnoema on January 31st, 2009 11:54 pm (UTC)
Re: EEK!
No, that's perfectly fine! :D I love my Yagamis, I'm going to have to play them again soon....

Hehe, the Piedras are all kinds of crazy. 8D

(Btw, love your icons--are those your sims? ;3)
amethystnoemaamethystnoema on January 31st, 2009 11:53 pm (UTC)
Re: EEK!
Sorry about that....I'm still playing the Yagamis, too, btw!

I just have this tendency to start things and never finish them.....;_; But once this summer comes up (and I've graduated high school, woot!) I hope to have more time to play some of my families. :D

Senior year's been...ick, but it's almost over, so.....^^

No, no! I totally remember you! :DD Hihi!
v_i_d_ev_i_d_e on January 19th, 2009 05:42 am (UTC)
That red head is CUTE, you should use her for something
amethystnoemaamethystnoema on January 31st, 2009 11:52 pm (UTC)
I think I just might, maybe...