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28 March 2009 @ 11:10 pm
The Karamazov Legacy (A Nice Little Family: 2.2)  
The Founder Challenge (3) at legacy_writers; lovely founder by katu.

So LAST TIME with the Karamazovs (which was quite a bit ago, I'm sorry!), there was the scariest burglar ever, and the craziness that is the quads. Alyosha, Lise, Katerina, and Ivan are quite a handful (an understatement)...and seem to have inherited the crazy gene as well!

Notice two things: one, this is Alyosha being sweet--not really new, and two, Alyosha still has the buzz cut from when he aged. ;p Not that he's an adult yet anyway, but what do monks have for haircuts anyway? Only the second is my fault.

: lol, it's so bright out at night~!
Mitya: -ignores-
Mysterious Voice Outside the Window: INEEDSLEEPRIGHTNAO!!!!

Oh wait, that's 'Lyosha. My bad. There's not enough money for more beds in this household right now, sorry Alyosha. ;_;

However, he misses passing out on the sidewalk by a hair when one of his sisters (re: Katerina, I believe) wakes up fully rested and goes to watch T.V. or something. ;p

*Goes to watch T.V. in a I'm-so-crazy-everything-is-funny way, pardon me.

Is this Grusha looking for Mitya somewhere off in the distance?

And wondering where in the world he can be?

Nah. Playing catch is just SRS BZNS, that's all.

Grusha: Tehee, my bad. I'll throw it better next time~!
Ivan: DD:

Actually, Ivan isn't too mad at her. o_o Guess he knows who pays the bills or something...

Ivan: -sneaky- WELLTAKETHAT!!!
Grusha:  $#S^S&DF%@$)*

amethystnoema: -whacks her on the head with the missing bat part of the bat and ball set-
Grusha: ......help you throw better?
amethystnoema: -rolls eyes- Whatever helps you sleep at night, Grusha.

Mitya: -struts and glances creepily-


K, the stare isn't as creepy up close. I think Mitya's still a *little loopy, however.

*little is relative

Honestly, if this is as advanced as the PDA is going to get, I'm okay with that. It could be worse, especially with these two love bugs.

However, Grusha and Mitya seem perfectly fine with the idea of making out on the front lawn for three hours straight. Never been better, apparently. Grusha didn't go to her sand pit until after Mitya left for work, either.

Well, Mitya never holds on to his money well anyway, so he might as well split it with his boss and be nice and everything...

HOWEVER THERE IS THAT TINSY TINY PART ABOUT MITYA BEING IN THE CRIMINAL CAREER. You know, the career where everybody does things in his/her own best interest--always. -headdesk-

And yay, they finally have enough money to buy enough beds for everyone to be able to sleep at the same time! xD

....that's just a bit creepy, though, Kat. *_*

-el fin-

Sorry about the short update, but I'm off on vacation for part of my spring break and may not have time to update later. See you again hopefully soon though!
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amethystnoema: grusha//karamazov//whymeamethystnoema on June 1st, 2009 08:25 pm (UTC)
Ahh, thank you! :D And I did have quite a bit of fun on my vacation--though now it's summer vacation and it's even better!

Sorry about the lack of updates lately--it's summer now and I've been playing quite a bit and should have an update up soon. :)
babyserenity on July 5th, 2009 01:22 pm (UTC)
I agree.
Where did you get tat bedding?
I am always looking out for new CC =DD